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For over 50 years since the pioneering days of water jet technology right up until today the name Hammelmann has stood for innovation, quality and reliability. Starting from this page see for yourself the versatility, the high performance and the solutions that Hammelmann high pressure systems have to offer. Combining unrivalled service with state of the art production methodology Hammelmann is a world wide provider of high pressure technology.

Radio remote control

Radio remote control
Wireless connection between the high pressure pump unit and electrically actuated guns and other blasting accessories.   more...

Telematic system Telematic system
The Telematic system enable permanent access to the operating parameter data of one or more high pressure pump unit(s) in the field wherever the location.   more...


Semi-automatic UHP water blasting vehicle for ship hull and tank surface preparation.  more...

New Cover New cover design for diesel driven pump units built for the future!
The new diesel unit covers enable us to outfit units with the latest generation diesel engines. We have allowed enough room to fit current and future types of exhaust gas treatment systems internally.  more...

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