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Conversion Kits

Fast conversion

For instance if you decide shortly before midday that you want to work with different performance parameters after your lunch break its not a problem!

Flexible working

You can change the performance of your Hammelmann high pressure pump by fitting a conversion kit. The typical Hammelmann pump design enables you to carry out the change very quickly with some simple tools.

Simplify conversion

If you need to change the performance on a regular basis you can exchange the complete water end fully assembled. This increases reliability and reduces the changeover time to a matter of minutes.

ES 2 controller displays 14,500 psi max. pressure

Remove the plunger connection

Task 1
Remove the plunger connection

Remove the pump head retaining nuts

Task 2
Remove the pump head retaining nuts

Lift out the water end assembly

Task 3

  • Lift out the water end assembly
  • Fit the conversion kit in reverse order
Display changed to show max. Pressure set to 36,300 psi

If conversion is a seldom requirement it can be done with considerably fewer parts which of course reduces the cost but it will increase the time necessary to convert.