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HDP 146

Horizontal and vertical design

Hammelmann high pressure pumps are built to operate at the continuous maximum duty stated in the performance parameters. Operating pressure and flow rate determine the power and pump selection. We can offer a large number of combinations to meet specific requirements.

Horizontal bare shaft pump HDP 146

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Performance parameters

  • Power rating up to 180hp
  • Operating pressure up to 3,300 psi
  • Flow rate up to 122 gpm

  • Rod force: 66,420 lbf
  • Stroke: 2.17 inch
  • Mean piston speed at n2
    440 r.p.m. = 2.7 feet/sec
    525 r.p.m. = 3.1
    580 r.p.m. = 3.5

  • Dimensions : 33.5 inch (length) x 23.2 inch (width)  x 12.3 inch (height)
    (horizontal version)
  • Weight: approx. 770 lbs

Hammelmann plunger pumps convert 93 to 98 % of the shaft power to hydraulic energy.



  • Design: Horizontal or vertical, 3 cylinder
  • Wide variety of complementary ancillaries

Quality and reliability

Compact design

  • Optimum space utilisation
  • Integral reduction gear

Adaptability provides installation options

  • Horizontal or vertical models
  • Reversible pump head
  • Central or side suction connection
  • Discharge connections on both sides
  • Left or right hand drive shaft
  • Can operate at higher inclinations

Water end: suitable for recycled water

  • Less wear due to :
    High grade solid ceramic plungers
    Wear resistant valve seats
    Low flow velocity over suction and discharge valves
    Packing seal sets within rust resistant stainless steel sleeves
    Slow plunger speed

Drive end

  • Hammelmann standard industrial drive end specifically designed for
    continuous duty
  • Pressurised oil lubrication system
  • High quality spheroidal cast iron housing
  • Clockwise or anticlockwise rotation

Easy servicing

  • Reversible valve seats
  • Suction and discharge valves use identical components
  • Maintenance possible without removal of suction and pressure lines
  • All service access front/above
  • Fixed valve housing accessible via light weight cover plates

Environmentally friendly

  • Quiet drive end due to twin helical gears
  • Piston rods hermetically sealed by the NBR bellows, no oil leakage