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Pipemaster - Hose rotating system

Semiautomatic unit for cleaning heat exchanger bundle tube internals


The Pipemaster is a manually operated, high pressure hose rotating system. It is used to remove both soft and very hard deposits from the insides of pipes and pipelines including those with bends and vertical sections.

As an alternative to self-rotating nozzles, the rotary action is achieved by rotating the high pressure hose.
The low rotation speeds of the high pressure hose mean that especially hard deposits can be removed. The device is easy to operate.

Hose internal diameter 0.31 and 0.47 inch
Op. pressure:
up to 43,500 psi

Hose internal diameter 0.79 inch
Op. pressure:
up to 23,200 psi

 Pipemaster - Hose rotating system

1. Hose rotating unit

A high pressure supply hose line is fixed
between the pump and the rotary joint on
the hose rotating unit.

A second hose connected to the rotary
joint runs via the deployment unit into a
protective hose leading to the positioning
device at the workpiece. The rotation of
the second high pressure hose around its
longitudinal axis is effected by a chain drive
from a pneumatic motor to the rotary
joint. The rotation speed can be smoothly
adjusted by throttle check valves.

The rotating unit is driven by 4,237 scf/h
of compressed air at 58 psi and comprises
a pneumatic motor with a gearbox,
a pneumatic maintenance unit, the high
pressure rotary joint and a pneumatic
control system.

2. Hose deployment unit

Actuating the control lever of the unit causes the hose to start rotating which produces the forward and backward movement.

The deployment speed is a maximum of 5.2ft/min. and it is smoothly adjustable by means of the control lever.

3. Moving direction

Changing the angle of the three wheels that press onto the hose will cause the hose to move forward (deploy) or backward (retract). The hose deployment unit is mounted on a sturdy base plate and comprises the height-adjustable control lever to deploy or retract the hose as well as the remote control to operate the hose rotating unit.

4. Positioning device

A non-rotating protective hose is fitted between the hose deployment unit and the positioning device. This enables operation in pipes that are difficult to access.

The positioning device enables easy and secure insertion of the hose into the pipe.

The blasting guard prevents a pressurised nozzle from being accidentally pulled out of the pipe.

The positioning device shown here is for use with pipes up to 1.57 inch i/d.


Catching device for heat exchanger cleaning



The device is used to position the lance nozzle in the heat exchanger bundle tube and to prevent accidental retraction.

The device is clamped to the tube bundle flange. Swivel joints and a telescopic arm enable the lance within the protective sleeve to be positioned at each individual tube of the bundle.

 Telescopic arm with protective sleeve

Telescopic arm with protective sleeve

When the operator retracts the lance a suitable sized stop within the protective sleeve prevents jetting to atmosphere.

For bundle diameters: up to 6.6 ft
For lance i/d‘s: DN 4, 6 und 8
Flange thickness: up 5.51 inch

BG test certificate

X-Y deployment unit

X-Y deployment unit on heat exchanger for rotating and swivelling hose reel


  • For attaching to the heat exchanger flange, complete with guide frame, hydraulically driven traverse bars, hydraulically driven carriage with connection for positioning tube.
  • The controls and hydraulic supply are provided by the hydraulic power pack and the hose reel's portable control panel.

Catching device for pipe cleaning

Catching device for pipe cleaning

Catching device for pipe cleaning

Mainly for horizontal pipes.
For pipe-Ø of 3.94 – 11.81 inch