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Trolley for rotorjets


Trolley for rotorjets

The trolley enables rotor jets to be deployed absolutely centrally in a pipe. The scissor-like action of the trolley allows pipes and sewers of between
15 – 55 inch in diameter to be intensively high pressure cleaned via selected length nozzle arm extensions.


It comprises the following main components:

  • Guide pipe with mounting for rotor jet and hose
  • Adjustable to different pipe diameters
  • 3 scissor arms with moving joints and wheels.

The complete trolley is made from rust-resistant materials. Rotary joint, spray pipes and extension blasting arms selected separately.


Guide sledge for rotor jet

Sledge 1
Sledge 2
Sledge 3

The sledge can be adjusted to fit various diameters of pipe. A swivelling pulling eye is fitted to the rotor jet

For pipe-Ø : 5 – 110 inch