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3d Pipe cleaners

3D pipe cleaners are basically tank cleaning units mounted in sledge type guides for pipe cleaning. They are used for removing particularly hard scale deposits. Operating on two axes with a ‚kick plate‘ they automatically move through the pipe as the scale is blasted loose, Alternatively where access is available they can be pulled through the pipe.

Guide sleds

Guide sleds for pipe cleaning using the TCH. Centring the TCH in the guide sled Pulling device with built in eye. Option ‘kick plate’ for self generated forward movement.



Type L 1200-2

 0.71 inch  S arm, 2 nozzles
Operating pressure: max. 17,400 psi
Flow rate: 39.6 gpm
Minimum pipe i/d: 7.9 inch

Type XL 1500-2

 1.4 inch S arm, 2 nozzles
Operating pressure: max. 21,800 psi
Flow rate: 66 gpm
Minimum pipe i/d: 12.6 inch