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For cleaning and decoating

The Spiderjet® 3000 attaches to the work surface by vacuum which at the same time suctions off the removed waste material and waste water. 

Typical applications:

Cleaning and surface preparation works on

  • Oil and gas storage tanks
  • Ship hulls
  • Concrete facades
  • Holds and bunkers

Performance parameters

Features, quality and reliability



Performance parameters

Working width: 14.7 inch
Operating pressure: up to 43,500 psi
Flow rate: up to 13 gpm

Weight: 232 lbs
Lenght : 30.5 inch
Width: 30.7 inch

Connection thread: M 30 x 2
Vacuum: to 12 psi dependant upon work surface
Suction connection: DN 100


  • Maximum manoeuvrability via two individually, pneumatically driven wheels
  • Electronically monitored vacuum with automatic UHP water shut off
  • Precise control unit enabling semiautomatic straight line running
  • Failsafe arrester system