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Aquablast® Drive

  • Suctions off removed waste material and waste water
  • Spray bar driven by reaction force of the water jets
  • Optimised with 2 x 4 nozzle arms i.e. a total of up to 8 nozzles
  • Modular Aquablast system

Working width: up to 40 inch
Op. pressure : up to 14,500 psi

Flow rate: up to 63.36 gpm
Average working speed: 164 ft/min
Total weight: 2,000 lbs


Cleaning large surfaces such as runways and industrial sites

Aquablast Drive
Aquablast Drive
Aqublast Drive

Vacuum system

Vacuum system

Vacuum system for suctioning off and pre-filtering waste water.

Dual chamber system

Prefractionator: 166 gal
Fine separator: 430 gal

Weight: 3,300 lbs
Engine: 3-cylinder diesel engine

Suction power: 22,954 ft³/h
Vacuum: 3.5 psi