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Ancillary equipmenT


Materials that are difficult to cut require the use of a water jetting nozzle with an abrasive entrainment chamber.

A high pressure water nozzle inside the assembly creates a water jet. This pressurised water jet travels through the entrainment chamber at high speed to a focusing nozzle dragging the air in the chamber with it and creating a vacuum.

Abrasive material is fed into the side of the chamber under air pressure. The abrasive particles are sucked into the air around the water jet and accelerated into the water stream to emit from the focusing nozzle.

 Ancillary equipment
Bomb disarmenent
Carrier trolley

Carrier trolley

The carrier trolley speed is manually controlled by a pneumatic system. Cutting speed and positioning speed are individually controlled.

Cutting nozzle
Guide rail

Guide rail

To make straight cuts the guide chain is attached to a 6.5 ft long guide rail.

Concrete cutting
Nozzle carrier mounted on a rail

Nozzle carrier mounted on a rail

The abrasive entrainment nozzle assembly is mounted on a pneumatically driven carrier trolley which runs on a tensioned guide chain allowing a constant traverse speed to be achieved.

 Versatile cutting device with remote control

Versatile cutting device with remote control

  • Flexible and modular rail system
  • Linear and lateral flexibility
  • Attached by magnets (optional: vacuum)
  • Carriage electrically driven by 12V DC
    battery. Optional: pneumatic drive
  • Flexible cutting head attachment system
  • For use with pipe diameters from approx. 23 inch onwards
  • Standard length of rail approx. 47 inch, modularly extendable
 Remote-controlled via tablet

Remote-controlled via tablet

  • Bluetooth connection to cutting system
  • Dead man's control on touch screen
  • Acceleration and position sensor
    on carriage detects problems
  • Deployment speed infinitely adjustable,
    deployment forward/back
  • Records cutting parameters and times