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Company policy

The primary objective of HAMMELMANN GmbH, Oelde is to offer customers only the highest quality products and services.

Achieving and maintaining this obective is largely dependent on the economic success of the company. Customer satisfaction is the result of compliance with required standards and fulfilling agreements entered into with the customer regarding quality, performance, and not least of all, safety of the products.

We are committed to meeting all applicable statutory standards and other necessary requirements according to our laws, regulations, land registration permits and our compliance obligations.

In the company’s internal processes, compliance with regulations means minimising errors and eliminating duplication of effort purely by motivating employees rather then increased monitoring.

The health and safety of our employees and of those using our products, as well as the avoidance of environmental pollution and the improvement of our energy performance, represent for us an important commitment that we implement through the continuous improvement of our Integrated Management System.

The Integrated Management System ensures through the application of operational instructions that errors are identified and analysed so that the same or similar errors will not reoccur.

Through implementation of the described systems the following key aims can be achieved:

  • The maintenance and creation of sustainable employment
  • Active and preventive environmental protection
  • Consolidation of market leadership
  • Access to new applications and markets
  • Procurement of safe, environmentally-conscious and energy-conscious products and services
  • Economic success

The Integrated Management System receives unlimited support from the management. Information and resources are provided as needed.

Oelde, October 2015

Company policy
Company policy
Company policy