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We use the most modern manufacturing equipment and testing techniques to produce high pressure pumps and accessories and then subject them to stringent function and quality control procedures. On this page you will find some recommendations concerning safety and some information useful in the event of an accident.


General recommendations for working with high pressure water systems 


Download recommendations:

  • Dangers arising from non observance of safety instructions
  • Safety conscious working
  • Personnel qualification and training
  • Precise safety instructions for the operator
  • Danger symbol
  • Safety during inspection, maintenance and repair
  • Forbidden practices
  • Additional warnings

Correct handling and positioning of high pressure hoses


Used for the intended application and in the correct manner, high pressure hoses have a high built in safety factor. Despite this there are number basic safety rules concerning handling and positioning that should be followed.


Correct handling and positioning of high pressure hoses

Sicherheitshinweise für das Arbeiten mit Hochdruckschläuchen

Notas de seguridad sobre mangueras


First aid instructions for doctors


Wounds caused by a water jet should be taken extremely seriously in comparison to some wounds resulting from more common causes. In the event of an accident this document contains information on types of injury and symptoms for the attending doctor’s reference.


Information for the Doctor

Informationen für den Arzt

Informations pour le médecin

Información equipo médico


First aid card

First aid card

Download the first aid card here and then print and cut out. Should be carried by operators when working.

First aid card

First Aid Card

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