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HDP 40

Hammelmann high pressure pumps are built to operate at the continuous maximum duty stated in the performance parameters. Operating pressure and flow rate determine the power and pump selection. We can offer a large number of combinations to meet specific requirements.

Bare shaft pump HDP 20

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Performance parameters

  • Power rating up to 37 kW
  • Operating pressure up to 3800 bar (Jet cutting units up to 3800 bar)
  • Flow rate up to 155 l/min

  • Rod force: 39 kN
  • Stroke: 30 mm
  • Mean piston speed at n2
    625 r.p.m. = 0,63 m/sec
    750 r.p.m. = 0,75 m/sec
    900 r.p.m. = 0,90 m/sec

  • Dimensions : 523 mm (length) x 303 mm (width)  x 579 mm (height)
  • Weight: approx. 200 kg

Hammelmann plunger pumps convert 93 to 98 % of the shaft power to hydraulic energy.



  • Vertical 3 cylinder design
  • Wide variety of complementary ancillaries

Quality and reliability

  • Stainless steel pump head free of alternating stress
  • Bellows form hermetic seal between the suction chamber and crank section
  • Choice of application specific seal assemblies
  • Solid ceramic or tungsten carbide plungers
  • Choice of bronze (standard) or stainless steel suction chamber
  • Crank section calculation by ‘Finite element method’ ensures long working life under continuous load
  • Pressurised oil lubrication system