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The cleaning time is reduced by an oscillating movement of the nozzle arm. The oscillation angle of the surface of the length (A) can be limited to 35 ° or 83 °. The rotation around the vertical axis of the apparatus for the surface length (B) is preselected at 36 ° or 81 °. When used in large containers (Fig. 1) the tank cleaning head is positioned at the vessel wall and cleans section by section.

Long blasting arm, oscillating motion

Short blasting arm, oscillating motion

Drive arm, powered by the jet reaction force

Very large diameter vessel
Large cylindrical vessel

Fig. 1 - Very large diameter vessel

Fig. 2 - Large cylindrical vessel


Other variants to enable changes in the cleaning position (vessel top, bottom) are possible.

The drive of the Aquamat Select is provided by a second, reaction force powered nozzle arm. For the permanent rotation mode, various nozzle insert diameters are used depending on the operating pressure. This allows the optimal power requirement for the drive to be selected.

In smaller diameter large cylindrical vessels (Fig. 2), the tank cleaning head is positioned centrally. The limits on the rotational motion around the vertical axis of the apparatus (B) are removed to enable the full 360°.